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"Moni Pineda, a co-creator and producer for Friends We Love, a New York documentary video series that profiles young artists, said that she and the series’s other creator, Mike Vargas, had just begun a benefit event in the SoHo space on Saturday evening when they noticed a commotion involving a person Ms. Pineda would identify only as “a friend,” adding, “Poster Boy could be anybody.”

"Moni Pineda and Mike Vargas built their new online documentary series, "Friends We Love," by tapping an impressive list of contacts. They’ve featured legendary deejays, notorious street artists, famed chefs, and genre-busting musicians. A "Friends We Love" video featuring Ellis G., a Brooklyn street artist, climbed to the top of viewer ratings on Current’s Web site, earning it airtime on the TV channel and an audience of millions.

"Friends We Love is a little documentary web show doing big things. The concept of the series is simple–highlight artists making their art. Nonetheless, the show has seriously caught on. Additionally, the team of two is working towards getting the show rolling on HD all the while continuing to sponsor awesome art functions in and around New York City, making Pineda and Vargas just as inspiring as their subjects."

"One of my favorite profiles features artist Ellis G, who’s shadow chalk drawings seek to enhance the beauty of everyday objects and mundane situations."

(US) "Friends We Love, a series of videos documenting the process of a dozen different artists."

(UK) "He (Posterboy) was also featured on an underground art website called Friends We Love, wearing a businessman's white shirt and tie but with his face pixelated."

'Friends We Love' event in Soho... from the beginning it was stated that Poster Boy is not about one person."

(UK) "Here’s the latest video from DJ Moni and Mike Vargas’s wonderful series Friends We Love. These little messages with important thoughts gives us a whole lot of hope for the future. Don’t you agree?"

(Argentina) "Aunque su rostro aparece pixelado, hay videos de Poster Boy ocupado en su tarea en"

(Spain) "En la página Friends We Love, que promociona jóvenes artistas en Nueva York, se insiste también este miércoles en que "Poster Boy" no es una única persona, sino un movimiento al que podría pertenecer cualquiera."

(Romania) Producătorii filmului documentar “Friends We Love”, care prezintă mai mulţi tineri artişti, majoritatea underground, au protestat faţă de intervenţia poliţiei. “Poliţiştii au venit la un eveniment privat. Nu au arătat nimănui nici un mandat, şi ne-am trezit că prietenul nostru iese din galerie înconjurat de o gaşcă de tipi pe care nu-i cunoşteam”, a declarat Moni Pineda, cocreator al serialului.

"Num video produzido pelo grupo Friends We Love (, alguém que é figurado como Poster Boy, filmado de costas ou com a imagem do rosto alterada por processos digitais, explica os fundamentos da sua intervenção: "Gosto da ideia de que se trata de uma coisa que não vai durar, excepto, talvez, online ou nas páginas do Flickr."

"The Saturday night SoHo art event was a benefit for Friends We Love, a New York documentary video series that profiles young artists (a video of Poster Boy at work in the subway can found on their Web site)."

"I love this idea and I am a fan of the series."

"This is a concept that was was developed by Mike Vargas And Moni. They are clips that have people just talk about anything in a 120 Seconds. It's a dynamic concept!"

"Friends We Love does interviews with interesting people. I know first hand PosterBoy is an interesting person so this video makes sense."

“The police came into a private event,” Ms. Pineda said. They’ve not only arrested the wrong person, in fact they’re on the wrong case. Plain clothes officers in an art opening? Looking for someone to arrest based on a tip from a flyer?

"In some warped out attempt for drama, police raided an art gathering to arrest Henry, hauled him to Riker’s Island and held him overnight until his friends could bail him out. Henry’s offenses include swapping NYC subway advertisements with his trustee razor, reshaping ads, mangling them, deconstructing them and creating something extraordinarily unique."

"First off the work was a live contribution from the Neo-Cons (Poster Boy, Aakash Nihalani, and Ellis Gallagher) to help raise money for Friends We Love."

" a site which features artist from diverse platforms/backgrounds coped an exclusive interview with New York’s own street artist/vigilante Posterboy."

"Sarah’s recorded a new track, “Fall 4 You” with Brooklyn producer/DJ Dhundee, who has been playing her music all over New York City—most recently at the Friends We Love Arts and Music Festival in January."

"This Friday, 01.30.09 Sly Art vs Robot City will be preesenting ‘The Friends We Love Festival Fundraiser’ at Sly Art vs Robot City Soho Loft Studios. The night will be a feature DJs, art, and film screenings for an all around cool party."

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