Lessons We Love :: Adding Movement to Photography with Stillmotion

kessler-stillmotion Kessler, a company known for it's sliders, jibs, cranes and wide array of great camera gear recently shifted gears and launched an on-line educational platform.

They're starting to build up some great content for all those looking to expand their knowledge base in the production game.

This short video called, Adding Movement to Photography gives a simple how-to give your photos a friendly little push into a new creative zone.

About: Whether it’s commercial or documentary work, there is often the opportunity to include photographs within your film, as part of the story you are telling. The challenge is to find a creative way to incorporate images into your video without pulling the viewer out of the story. Cutting to a digital pan and zoom effect can really break your flow.

Think about any feature length Hollywood film that incorporates images – they are nearly always in an environment and filmed like many other pickups would be. That was the impetus behind the idea of a Photoscape.

How do we shoot a photo in a way that adds to the story, has an emotional depth, and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb?

In this tutorial, we’ll run through the idea of a Photoscape and how we applied this for our feature length documentary #standwithme. www.standwithmemovie.com

If you enjoy this tutorial, you’ll also enjoy our Storytelling With Heart tour that Kessler is helping bring across the country. It’s three parts interactive workshop experience and one part in-the-field shooting. Join us as we share the approaches and ideas that help to bring a remarkable story to life. Then get out in the field and shoot with the Stillmotion team the following day while trying awesome Kessler gear, the Movi, and some awesome cameras. www.storytellingwithheart.com