Events We Love :: Art Barter New York

Now here's an event I hope I find the time this week to check out.

As both an artist and occasional buyer, I get excited at new possibilities to alternate the norms on how art is made, and especially sold. Art Barter New York, sounds like a step in the right direction where the buyer can create a unique desire in the artist in order to be chosen. If you're out and about in the Lower East Side, go check it out...

About The Event: In 2009, Art Barter was born as a reference to this particular thinking but also spearheaded by festivals like Burning Man and the RCA’s secret postcard auction where value was placed according to subjective thinking.

Since it’s inception, Art Barter have launched exhibitions in both London and Berlin but this weekend will be making their first appearance in New York’s Lower East Side. Over the course of the 4 day event, acclaimed artists such as Terence Koh, Tim Barber and Poppy De Villeneuve will display one art-work piece recognizable by only one number beside it. Through anonymous exchange, an intimate relationship becomes built between stranger and artist; viewers apply their own value to it by filling out a barter form with the artist in turn deciding which offer to accept in order to make the exchange. Past exchanges have included a gallop on a white horse, 3 months of psychotherapy and website design; Tracy Emin even swapped her artwork for 30 hours of French tuition.

By removing cash from the equation, what is occurring is an individual practice on how value becomes determined by imagination and ultimately how the buyer can create a unique desire in the artist in order to be chosen.

Art Barter takes place from Dec 9-12th at NP Contemporary Art Centre, 131 Chrystie Street, New York

via: PSFK