Photographers We Love :: J. Grant Brittain


As long as I've loved skateboarding, I've also loved photography. When you put those two loves together, you get J. Grant Brittain. We've put together some of our favorite pictures, with some commentary from the man himself.

Best part of all, you can purchase his prints directly from his Etsy shop.

Check the link below.


I shot this photo of Natas Kaupas at Venice High School in Venice, California in 1986. Street skating was in its infancy and Natas, Gonz, Guerrero and a few others were breaking all boundaries.

I shot this photo with my Nikon FM-2 and 16mm fisheye lens. I was laying on the ground and Natas was flying off the hip of the bank and over me. I probably had never listened to Public Enemy at this point in history.


I shot this photo of Mark Gonzales lien airing over the hip in 1986 at the LAX banks in Los Angeles, California. The Gonz was breaking barriers and reinventing skateboarding during this period. This photo has become a classic 80s street skating photo.

I shot this photo with my Nikon FM-2 and 16mm fisheye lens. This session was star studded, I was also shooting Caballero, Guerrero and Kaupas this day, mind blowing photo sesh!


I shot this skate photo of Christian Hosoi in the 1980s layback grinding Del Mar Skate Ranch's keyhole with a Nikon FM2 and 16mm Nikkor fisheye lens. I like Christian's eye contact with my camera, that makes the photo. This was way before digital photography and Photoshop so my exposure and lighting had to be spot on.


I shot this 80s (1986 to be exact) skate photo of Chris Miller at the legendary Upland Pipeline skatepark in the Combi pool. The camera was a Nikon FM2 with 16mm Nikkor fisheye lens mounted on the top of a mono-pod and equipped with a squeeze bulb shutter release cable.

Check out our shadows in the upper right of photo - that shows his height and the Pole Cam setup. I shot a roll of color Fuji Velvia film and a roll of Kodak Tri-x black and white. I couldn't see through my lens, so I had to wait till I got my film back from the lab to see if anything came out. I guess we pulled it off. Are those Air Jordans?

If you're loving what you see, please click the link and check out more of Brittain's beautiful pictures. He's set up a Etsy page so you can even buy a few you love: ETSY