Music Videos We Love :: Melodic Chaotic - Summer Fling

MELODIC_CHAOTIC__SUMMER_FLING This post should really be called, Phone Calls We Love. This is how it usually starts- Phone rings, ideas are pitched, smiles ensue. Bada-BOOM! This marks my 4th music video collaboration with Willow and it's been my absolute favorite thus far.

I mean, what's not to love about a gorgeous Saturday, 15 beautiful people, a pool party, a trampoline session, some smoke bombs, a fire pit and some sparklers? Exactly!

Shout out to my crew Mighty, Carlos, Elliot, Paress and my man my mellow Mr. Matt Bass killing it on the Red EPIC. Extra special thanks to Willow and DJ (MadebyMvsic) for the opportunity to create more beautiful memories. Let's get it!