Technology We Love :: Pelican Imaging Array Camera

Pelican-Imaging-Array-Camera Just when you thought it was safe to pat yourself on the back for copping that new iPhone, Pelican Imaging Array Camera comes along and smacks your hat off. These guys took this whole smartphone camera game to another level offering 3D video, still images, refocus tricks and best of all the ability to create 3D models of your photos.

If you're screaming...WHAT THE BUMBACLOT??? Don't worry you're not alone.

About: Pelican Imaging has developed a revolutionary array camera for mobile devices that provides consumers with the ability to capture 3D video, as well as still images. This will enable people to do some really cool stuff!

What if you could refocus after the fact, measure distance between any two points, or create a depth map/3D model of any scene?

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A Smart Camera for Your Smartphone.