Mixes We Love :: Todd Terry - LIVE AT RBMA's Bounce Ballroom Event in NYC

In NYC during the late 80's and early 90's, the beast was let out in many battles on the dance floors of house clubs like Mars, The Tunnel, Red Zone and Sound Factory to many of the joints on this incredible mix. Toddy Terry was a legend then, and mixes like these clearly prove why. To the Batmobile...LET'S GO!!!

About: Todd Terry is one of the quintessential NYC dance music producers - for more than 25 years. Born in Brooklyn, Terry is as much New York as it gets. Blessed with the instinct, aesthetic and freedom that comes with hip-hop, he created a unique brand of house music, Heavy on the sample tip and always aimed directly at the dancefloor, his earliest records like Bango, A Day in the Life or Can You Party set the parameters of his musical universe. Graced with unmistakable sound signature, the house sound of Todd Terry is one of the essential reference points of this music - you just know a Todd Terry beat when you hear it.

Citing classic disco, rock or funk records throughout his works, Terry's tracks were as much in favour with US-American DJ heavyweights like Tony Humphries as they were the hyped-up club music crowds on the UK island. Todd Terry's effectiveness spread further through his several aliases like Gypsymen of CLS, and records like Jungle Brothers' seminal I'll House You, his classic chart-topping remix for Everything But The Girls Missing, and his very own version of Keep On Jumpin'. His Labels TNT and Freeze released a nitty-gritty range from vocal house to hip-hop instrumentals and disco cut-ups, as well as his infamous Unreleased Projects.