Skate Demos We Love :: 1986 Westwood Cycle NJ - Gonz, Vallely, Rocco

1986 Westwood Cycle NJ_Gonz, Vallely, Rocco Here's a glimpse into what most of my teenage life consisted of everyday, all day- for years! By looking at this old grainy VHS copy of copy of a copy video you probably wouldn't realize you're watching the original architects of modern street skating.

These were our rockstars, sporting athletes and renegades all rolled into one. When we heard they were coming to town, we'd all pile into someone's Mom car and get a front row seat into some mind-boggling-grativy-defying shit.

Below the video you'll find a short story by Mike Vallely, he's the young blonde one walking on his hands with a skateboard on his feet. I was always curious about the secret lives of my childhood heroes and this wanted to say thanks to Mike V. for sharing some insight.

Shout out to Dr. JPL for posting this one.

About: “In the Autumn of 1986, I was invited by Steve Rocco to ride for Venture Trucks and to join him, Mark Gonzales and Rodney Mullen for a demo at Westwood Cycles in Westwood, NJ. This would be the third time I would be in the presence of these three heroes of mine in a matter of months, and even though Rocco had extended the invitation to me, I was still very much being held at arm’s length and cautiously observed by all of them. They just didn’t really know what to think of this kid from Jersey doing all these hand plants.

I had very little interaction with Mark Gonzales that day. He hadn’t warmed up to me in any real way just yet (that would happen several months later). In fact, he was actually rather dismissive of my skating and the way the locals reacted to me. His performance in this demo is in some ways a direct response to the hype that surrounded me and my skating — He wasn’t buying it. And in turn, he did one of the strangest yet genius demos ever performed or recorded. At the time, I don’t think anyone in attendance understood or could truly appreciate what they were witness to, but watching it now, I see it as true performance art and total expression.”

— Mike V

via: streetplant