Shorts We Love :: WORDS BY RAKIM

WORDS BY RAKIM- matt-bieler I got a chance to check out this short a couple of months ago at the FLUX screening series hosted at the Hammer Museum in LA. If you live in LA we HIGHLY suggest you sign up to their mailing list today.Their programs of short films & music videos curated by Jonathan Wells are absolutely mind-blowing.


Back to WORDS BY RAKIM... It's a gritty beautiful black & white visual love letter to the greatest to ever bless a mike.

Favorite line:: "I don't believe in writer's block. When I get to the point where I'm getting slow in the ink, I just put the pen down and then I go back out world and live- So when I get back to the paper, i got more life to put down."

About: Words is a re-introduction, and aural celebration of hip-hop’s most influential MC. Inspired by the vinyls that birthed the art form, the film is a portrait of two sides of an artist (A & B) and the streets and city he inspired. Two of his verses have been remixed … the words will never change.

directed by: matt bieler produced by: ben feigin, matthew kemp, rakim allah, matt bieler music by: chris newlin additional programming by: dane leon edited by: matt bieler, aidan haley photographed by: matt bieler, scott forte music mixed by: danny cocke final mix by: tom paolantonio color timing by: santiago padilla titles by: mike moss smoke by: david hernandez words by: rakim production company: serial pictures / anonymous content