Hindi Zahra, Artist :: 120 Seconds

Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra pays homage to fellow artist and photographer Hassan Hajjaj who encouraged her to express herself not only through music but also through paintings and drawings.

About Hindi Zahra: Moroccan-born and Parisian-bred Hindi Zahra’s warm and inviting voice feels familiar. Her bluesy gypsy folk carries a spirit that takes us back to the ecstatic serenity we found with Norah Jones, Adele, and Sade. This fall, she will be making her American debut with Handmade, out digitally September 26 with a physical release available on October 11. True to its title, Handmade, the album was produced and arranged by the versatile Hindi herself.

Above, you’ll find the video for Hindi’s first single, “Beautiful Tango,” which plays out like a gorgeous lullaby. Below, find out when you catch her on tour!