Bryan Vargas, Musician :: 120 Seconds

Bryan Vargas hopes to shed some light on dark days by reminding us that anything in life worth having is worth the struggle.

Bryan Vargas, Musician :: 120 Seconds from on Vimeo.

About Bryan Vargas:

Bryan Vargas & Ya Está invoke the spirits with the rumble of drums and the screams of distorted guitars. Rumba, Mambo and Son get electrified into a new school Latino groove. This band creates some serious party music, all while giving props to the Orishas.Playing a unique style of music they call simply "Afro Latino Soul", you can forget the pop stars, this is the REAL Latin music revolution.

¡Ya Está!, have appeared in front of capacity crowds at Central Park Summerstage, Prospect Park Bandshell, the Knitting Factory, SOB's and many more.

Ya Está's debut CD "Afro Latino Soul", produced by latin jazz great Arturo O'Farrill was released on June 1st 2004. You can hear Ya Está, and learn more at

"...imagine Jimi Hendrix jamming with the Buena Vista Social Club If you believe that great music begins at a popular level, then you should listen to Bryan Vargas & Ya Está," - NY Newsday

"...infectious percussive assaults...that thump to a downtown funk undercurrent" - Village Voice

"Ya Está's music brought me back to my naked pagan roots..." - Un Chín Magazine

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