Duke Bojadziev, Composer + Artist :: 120 Seconds

Macedonian musician Duke Bojadziev, aka Duke B, sees the planet Earth as a living organism which deserves care and respect in our every day lives so that we can continue our symbiotic development as a civilization.

Duke Bojadziev, Composer + Artist :: 120 Seconds from friendswelove.com on Vimeo.

About Duke Bojadziev:

Duke Bojadziev (a.k.a Duke B, Gaea) is a New York - based music composer/producer. His experience consists of a wide range of musical work such as scoring for Hollywood and European film and TV, released four solo albums and numerous tracks for worldwide compilations (Marakesh Express 2, Chill Out In Paris 4, 5, 7, VA - La Suite 6) He has co-written and co-produced with Telepop Musik, Angela McCluskey, Dj Antipop, Neil McLellan and did remixes for Cindy Lauper, Asia Argento, FM Belfast and Blue Man Group. He was a musical director of the infamous New York based musical theater The Citizens Band and musical director of Gina Gershon’s “In the search of Cleo”. Duke has performed in most of the New York’s milestone venues (Hiro Ballroom, NuBlu, The Box, ) and around US and Europe.

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