Rasu Jilani, Owner + Creator - Coup D'etat Brooklyn :: 120 Seconds


Rasu Jilani explains how to apply the idea of a Coup D'etat to aggressively overthrow of the negative aspects of not only the economy & business but also of the self.

Rasu Jilani, Owner + Creator of Coup d'etat Brooklyn :: 120 Seconds from friendswelove.com on Vimeo.

About Rasu: Rasu Jilani the project manager, artistic event producer and entrepreneur - stands out for his ability to “wear many hats” in an effort to meet and exceed professional goals and challenges. By placing emphasis on a person's strengths and shifting focus from the problem to the solution, Jilani is able to maintain effective work relationships with freespirited artists, corporate executives, and everyone in between.

Coup d'etat's "Live to Change Something” tagline empowers and inspires the brand's cult following to utilize their talents as a catalyst for upward mobility and progression in their respective communities. With Jilani at the marketing and publicity helm since its launch in 2004, Coup d'etat Brooklyn has garnered press in countless media outlets including The New York Daily News, HBO, BET, MTV, Complex and Spin Magazines. Inspired by Jilani's burgeoning relationships with artists at the forefront of the Brooklyn Renaissance, Coup d'etat Brooklyn’s involvement in the arts was a natural extension of the brand and has been well-received by artists and consumers alike.

Under Jilani’s leadership, the sky is not the limit for the military-inspired Coup d'etat Brooklyn brand. With plans to expand into a full-scale global fashion and lifestyle company, the brand is working towards the launch a Brooklyn-based flagship store and production of traditional tees, hoodies, bags, outerwear, button-ups, polos, cardigans, and accessories that will appeal to even the most discriminating fashion aficionado. On a personal level, Jilani will continue to dedicate himself to a number of socially conscious initiatives, including significant work with Brooklyn's emerging artists and a dedicated role in reversing the plight of today's underserved youth. When it’s all said and done, Jilani hopes to be remembered for his commitment to excellence and sincere desire to motivate and inspire everyone who crosses his path.

Jilani was born in St. Croix of the U.S. Virgin Islands and raised by his mother in South Jamaica Queens, New York. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and African American History from Syracuse University in 2000.

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