TK Wonder, Songwriter + M.C. :: 120 Seconds

Video Description:TK Wonder utilizes current events and social issues as the backbone of the lyrics in the hopes of shedding light and awareness on situations at a local and global level.

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About Tk Wonder: TK Wonder’s notable skill for writing and "slamming" lyrics in a very unique hip hop/spoken word fashion seems to create a new genre with a significant electro punch. Her singing is as unique as her vibrant presence on stage and her outstanding live performance. Raised on a nourishing diet of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson in Baltimore, TK first became interested in stringing syllables together when she performed spoken-word poetry at the since-demolished downtown venue Wetlands. Backed by Questlove on the drums and Scott Storch on the keys, TK Wonder polished her craft at the legendary Sunday night Black Lily events, always drawing raves for her work. She would go on to perform at Def Jam showcases, Nuyorican Poet's Café and Nell's. TK's evolution from poetry to rapping was seamless, as the combination of her stage presence and sharply-honed writing skills merged to create a unique style of telling stories and addressing social issues with intricately-intertwined and multiple-syllable rhymes. She has performed at various venues such as Hiro Ballroom, Studio B, Nublu, Joe's Pub, Hunter College, Apollo Theater, the legendary Lyricist Lounge show, Delano Hotel in Miami, The Viper Room in LA and the Jazz Cafe in London to name a few. TK Wonder has opened for artists such as Nas, Erykah Badu, Duffy, Talib Kweli and J*Davey. TK Wonder has also worked with artist Duke B and together they have opened for artist Kiril Dzjakovski in a few international electronica festivals such as VIP, Exit Fest, Belgrade Beer Fest and Tuborg Greenfest in Europe alongside the likes of N.E.R.D., The Prodigy, The Hives, Afrika Bambaataa, Sex Pistols and Gossip to name a few.

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