Musicians We Love :: 1010 Benja SL

Last year while listening to Benji B doing his thing on Radio 1, a totally different type of track was dropped that had my ears instantly perk up. That track was called “Boofiness”, by a singer called 1010 Benja SL. As I played the shit out of that song, I went on a little mission to find out more about the song and the artist behind it. The more I explored, the more elusive the artist became. There were stories of him deleting everything he’s ever put out online and “starting fresh”, moving to NYC, then NYC, etc.

Anyway, thankfully for me I was able to find a few old Youtube videos of his time in NYC belting out some incredibly beautiful tunes down in the subways. Fast forward a year later, and much to my delight the the Kansas City singer-producer dropped his debut EP, Two Houses.

In a time where a lot of shit out there is sounding the same, it’s very refreshing to hear a new voice creating his own lane with a sound all his own. Enjoy!