Bands We Love :: Chicano Batman - "Itotiani" Live SXSW

This joint has been in some very heavy rotation is the Vargas household for a minute now. While playing my jam, "Itotiani" in the car yesterday I was thinking how fun it'd be to do a music video for the song.

When I got home I checked Youtube to see if someone had beat me to it. Thankfully, there's still hope. While going down the Chicano Batman Youtube rabbit hole I found this great live performance of the band performing "Itotiani" at SXSW. Enjoy!


Sometimes if feels as if the crowds at Stubb's BBQ during SXSW are just too cool to dance. But not tonight. Southern California's Chicano Batman sent waves of velvet-sounding Chicano soul out over the audience at Stubb's — think 1970s-era guitar and organ funk played by a band outfitted in quinceanera tuxedos. When the band shifted into a high energy cumbia I saw spontaneous dancing breaking out on the dirt floor of the outdoor venue.

Chicano Batman is one of a handful of Latin alternative bands that are reaching diverse audiences mesmerized by their oh-so-groovy sound and Chicano soul aesthetic. And tonight was another one of those nights.