Gear We Love :: DJI Mavic - Personal Flying Camera

Every couple of months, the next craze in camera gear starts poking its head through the clutter at the first camera expo to opens it's doors to our wallets. All the sudden everyone needs a slider, then a mini-jib, then an EZ-Rig- by the way, we have all three- Ha! 

Well, I think we just found our next little obsession in the gear department from the good folks at DJI, who have recently unveiled their latest creation, The Mavic Personal Flying Camera.

As I was watching their demo video, I could almost feel the money jumping out of my pocket while getting shot from above.   


The Mavic is DJI’s first compact, personal flying camera. Ultimate image quality and ultimate portability combine in one revolutionary device that will stay with you, whenever you need it to capture that sudden burst of inspiration.

Always follow applicable rules and regulations in your jurisdiction. Permits were obtained, where needed, in locations depicted in this video.

Maximum range specification is provided as a performance measurement only.