CHOREOGRAPHY WE LOVE :: Tobias Ellehammer - "Black Or White"

If this doesn't want to make you buy a plane ticket while pulling out your penny loafers, sparkly socks, highwater black slacks and bust a move- nothing will. If dancing is medicine, this video by Tobias Ellehammer is the pharmacy. 


Today we celebrate the king of pop and everything he did for us. Michael wanted to spread good in our world trying to change the bad and heal the world for some of its problems. Unfortunately the world is still in a troubling state. In these times many people look at various links on social media and unfortunately react with fear, hatred and immediately close their arms. Instead we should open up our arms and look to solve the problems together. There should be room for everyone in this world. No matter what you look like, what religion you have or where you come from. We are all one. That's the purpose of this video. To remind all of us how incredibly important love and freedom is and to put something good out into this world. Something that will unite people from all around the globe. The world is beautiful. We should all enjoy it together. 

Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion.

Concept by Tobias Ellehammer
Director of photography by Mike Dones
Produced and Directed by Tobias Ellehammer
Original Music by Michael Jackson