Ana Tijoux, Rapper + Mother :: 120 Seconds

ana-tijoux-shock Ana Tijoux explains her fascination with dreams and how they have ultimately helped her better understand certain aspects of her life and creativity.

Ana Tijoux, Rapper + Mother :: 120 Seconds from on Vimeo.


About Ana:

Tijoux Anita was born in Lille, France due to the political exile of  her parents after the Chilean coup of 1973. She began rhyming in the '90s after meeting a group of youths who were a part of Freestyle "Arraya Clan Homie."  She then joined a group called Makiza and recorded three albums: "Wildlife", "Makiza Airlines" and "Casino Royale." During this time also collaborated with the collective Savia Nueva which eventually became Potoco Discos. In 2007 she released her first album called "Kaos" in 2007 and was nominated for three MTV Awards and a nomination to Altazor Awards.

Ana released a new album in October 2009 called "1977" through a collaboration with Black Sheep's Panic Room and Potoco Discos. This album will be released in the United States through Nacional Records in April 2010 through iTunes.

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