Stanley Lumax, Photographer :: 120 Seconds

By seeing his Ghanaian family become successful in this country, Stanley Lumax learned that hard work and passion open your life to infinite possibilities.

Stanley Lumax, Photographer :: 120 Seconds from on Vimeo.

About Stanley:

Stanley Lumax is currently an account director at Anomaly, working as an account director on the Converse Brand. His past experience includes working at at Wieden + Kennedy, where he was not only an account executive, but was hired as a photographer to shoot the memorable "The City is Watching" basketball campaign for Nike. Continuing to pursue his passions, Stanley recently worked with Greenpoint Pictures to create a short film on legendary NY basketball player God Shammgod for Converse. Stanley is preparing for a trip to South Africa to document the World Cup, the first time the event will take place on African soil.