Athena Robles + Anna Stein, Artists :: 120 Seconds

Athena Robles and Anna Stein, the two artists behind the "Free Store," describe the generous systems working in our society in the form of alternative currencies and bartering, as well as in our personal lives through giving and accepting thoughtful gifts.

Athena Robles + Anna Stein, Artists :: 120 Seconds from on Vimeo.

About Athena Robles & Anna Stein (Doube A Projects):

We (artists Athena Robles and Anna Stein) began working in collaboration in 2007, bringing together our sculptural practices using historical and cultural references, public space and paper media. Recent projects have examined counter culture systems and expanded upon forms of public art and installation. In our work, key elements of public art are combined with conventional forms of sculpture and installation. For each project, we take into consideration content (what dialogue and messages are expressed), communication (how the ideas are presented visually and spatially), and context (taking into account the site and its history and pre-existing meanings where the work occurs), in order to explore the many ways possible to convey ideas, re-invent visual vocabularies, and encourage audience engagement with art.