Nickodemus, DJ + Producer :: 120 Seconds

Even with his new record release, "Sun People," Nickodemus can't help but share his passion for the best pizzerias in NYC and compares each to some of his favorite music producers.

Nickodemus, DJ + Producer :: 120 Seconds from on Vimeo.

About Nickodemus:

From the early days of Giant Step, to today's Turntables on the Hudson parties, Nickodemus has been a key element in the NYC dance music scene for over 10 years. As a DJ & a producer, he explores the intersection of Urban & World Music with sounds of Funk, Folk, Jazz, Hip Hop, House & Dub- all with a message of peace, awareness & love for the dance.

With over 30 original songs & 40 or more remixes in the past 10 years, Nickodemus has carved a niche for himself in World Music & Dance Music by intersecting World & Urban sounds to make a unique dancefloor fusion of his own. Remixes for artists such as: Billy Holiday, Nina Simone, Thievery Corporation, Sultan Khan, Astor Piazzolla, Gilfeme, Dublex Inc, Boozoo Bajou, Karuan, Madrid de los Austrias, Truby Trio & more... Along with songs selected for Sex & the City & various feature films, the first song, "Mi Swing es Tropical," on his debut album, "ENDANGERED SPECIES," has been used for the recent itunes+ipod advert. See full discography

His debut album "Endangered Species" is out now on ESL Music/ WONDERWHEEL Recordings and Turntables on the Hudson SIX Remix is out now on WONDERWHEEL Recordings


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