Videos We Love :: An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness

A couple of months ago, Moni and I made a pact to start including a few new daily practices into our lives. Each of these practices was very simple and took very little time to complete and make into a habit.

The first was 15 minutes of guided meditation- Shout out to Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey for their transformative guided meditation challenges. The second was to write 5 positive affirmations: "I am...". The third  and by far the most special was writing 5 things we were grateful for on each particular day: "I'm grateful for....".

The results:

Almost immediately we both noticed a major boost in our positive energy, which has continued to benefit not only ourselves but everyone around us. Much love Luna : )

A couple of months ago we came across the incredible work the good folks of SoulPancake are doing in the #spreadlove department and couldn't be happier to share their wonderful video with all if you on the importance of gratitude in your life.    

"Expressing gratitude makes you a happier person."  - Share with someone you love.


What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why? Join us as we take an experimental approach on what makes people happier. Behind the Scenes of the episode!

Watch The Science of Happiness - Episode 2 here!