Tech We Love :: Pilot Smart Earpiece Translator - Waverly Labs

If there was ever a piece of technology to LOVE, it'd have to be the Pilot Smart Earpiece. What is it you ask? Well, imagine traveling to anywhere in the world and being able to communicate right from the jump, with your own personal translator that sits snuggly in your ear. KABOOM! Mind. Blown.

Global citizens UNITE!

You can pick up a pair: HERE


At the convergence of wearable technology + machine translation, the Pilot is the world’s first smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages.

Check out the video above to get a little more information and see it live in action.

Andrew Ochoa, CEO of Waverly Labs recently shared with the Press:

“We’re on a journey to create a world without language barriers, and our community has been extremely inspirational. They shared amazing stories and given us great examples of how they will use Pilot to speak with friends, family or anyone in their everyday lives. This is the first step in fulfilling a dream of an earpiece which translates everything around you, and we can’t wait to get Pilot into the hands and ears of everyone!”